Pryes Brewing is proud to announce the return of the Frostbite Feather Bowling Tournament.

In January, Teams of 6 will compete in a bracketed, single-elimination tournament in the taproom.

Registration is now open for teams.

Tournament Details

Monday,  January 14th - Sunday,  January 19th

  • Rules: Single-elimination tournament, house rules

  • Teams: Each team has 6 members

  • Price: $60 reservation fee per team (Due at the start of the first game.)

Grand Prize 

The Winning team receives a gift basket with gift cards and prizes valued at $300.

What is Feather Bowling?

Feather Bowling is a game played with wooden balls shaped in a similar way to cheese wheels. The object of the game is to roll your ball down a concave lane and land as close as possible to a single feather on the opposite end. The game was originally played as a Belgian pastime similar to horseshoes and Bocce ball.

Feather Bowling on YouTube >

Team Sign Up

Team Captain's Phone Number *
Team Captain's Phone Number

Registration will close on 1/7/19.